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Inspired by Real-Life Scenarios 

There is a lot of smart and capable people in the world who seem to be unable to reach their full potential in the job market. Don’t be one of them and sign up for a 30-minute complementary consulting session by reaching out to us!


Course Offerings

Corporate Athlete Program (“CAP”) is the first of its kind, rigorous training method that teaches practical techniques and business skills for meeting (and exceeding) executive-level expectations. CAP takes concepts, ideas, and approaches from professional athletes’ training and applies them to the world of business. Through the CAP, participants can expect to: 

  • Understand the unwritten rules and expectations of corporate leadership

  • Improve fundamental techniques and gain crucial skills that matter for long-term success, efficiency and recognition among executives

  • Adopt a professional athlete’s discipline and mindset that will prepare you face adversity in the workplace with a positive attitude


Course Objectives & Outcomes

The good news is that Do Better Academy is here to help you through every step of the process. Based on your personal needs, our one-on-one sessions will cover a variety of topics, including:


Self-reflection exercise

What do you really want?


Job search strategy

How do you increase your chances of success?


Resume & Cover Letters

Your personal marketing materials


Research guidance

Industries, Companies, and Positions


Networking and Communiations

Training for speaking in person, by email and phone


Professional presence

Your image both online and in person


Interview preparation


Negotiating offers

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Inspired by real-life situations, our coaching sessions are always customized to meet our clients’ needs and use tested best practices taught by experienced business professionals. If you’re interested in learning how CAP can help your organization, please let us know by signing up for a complementary informational session.

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