About Us

Do Better Academy is an admissions and career consultancy that provides hands-on support to bright young individuals, helping them get to and stay on a path to success. Our highly experienced coaches are here to better understand your own potential and desires, get you an edge on the competition, and ultimately help you find and excel at your dream school or career. At every stage of the process we maintain our mission: helping you to do better.

Work & Industry Experience

We have a top notch team of highly experienced coaches from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Whatever your needs are, chances are that one of our experts has already done it. Our coaches have worked in a variety of industries, but they all have one thing in common – they have excelled at some of the most prestigious companies in the world.


Why DBA?

Professional – it’s a word we toss around frequently and everyone knows what it means in the world of sports – but what about in the world of business? What goes into becoming a business professional and reaching performance heights that truly set you apart from the crowd over the long run?

Do Better Academy (DBA)

is here to coach practical techniques to become recognized in the corporate world and stand out among your peers. Get on the fast track to excelling in your dream career by learning business fundamentals that are frequently overlooked but critical for efficient and high-quality performance. Transform your knowledge of business with tried and true best practices, tips, and mental frameworks which will allow you to understand businesses holistically and the things that truly matter to senior leadership. Stop being a business amateur and become a business professional.




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Founder of Do Better Academy

Meet Dino 

A native of Croatia, Dino spent his childhood dreaming of becoming a professional tennis player. 

When he moved to the United States 13 years ago, Dino Bilankov barely spoke English and didn’t know a soul in the country. Since then, Dino has had quite a journey, hitting many exciting milestones along the way:

  • Player & Captain of the University of Minnesota’s NCAA Division 1 tennis team 
  • Peer Career Coach & Mentor at Carlson School of Management (CSOM)
  • CSOM’s Commencement Student Speaker
  • Worked on over $2B worth of transactions in his early career on Wall Street as an investment banker and a private equity investor
  • Founder of WallStreetWannabe.com, a go-to resource for aspiring bankers and investors
  • Harvard Business School MBA graduate and current co-chair of its Minnesota Alumni Chapter
  • Adjunct Professor of Finance at CSOM and Metro State University
  • Director of Strategy and Business Development at UnitedHealthcare

A life-long learner, Dino has a keen interest in professional development, which is his biggest passion, alongside teaching. In addition to pure hard work and dedication, Dino’s accomplishments were enabled by many lessons and techniques he’s learned along the way. DBA is the culmination of these learnings, which have been packaged into unique offerings for others striving to push their performance limits. 

In his free time, Dino still enjoys playing tennis with his former teammates, but his favorite activity is playing acoustic guitar for his family.